A note from the Manager
“In today’s fast-paced society, many tend to forget that although the body is ageing it doesn’t necessarily mean that the mind is getting old. At the Roebuck Nursing Home we live by that rule and look past the frailty and to the person.

Giving residents a reason to get up in the morning is our priority. Whether they be rising for a reflexology treatment, trying their hand at an art class, replying to relative’s emails, tending flowers in the garden, getting a facial or savouring some of the culinary delights our chef has cooked up, the alphabet of activities on offer in our luxurious surroundings will ignite the most active of minds.

But the Roebuck Nursing Home is more than just a heaven. We also offer the highest standard of care not only from our carefully selected staff but also from the committed management team and myself. This standard of five star patient care is a personal passion and having begun my career as a registered nurse 30 years ago, I understand the importance of uniting this top of the range healthcare needed in those later years with a human sensitivity. Combining this with our one of a kind environment and nursing team is a dream come true for me and I hope you find the facilities on offer at the Roebuck Nursing Home as brilliant and unique as we intend them to be.”

Moira Edmondson
Manager, Roebuck Nursing Home

Contact us:
To arrange a visit or find out more about the home
please call Moira on 01438 740 234
or email info@roebucknursinghome.co.uk

Roebuck Nursing Home,
London Road, Stevenage, Herts SG2 8DS

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Roebuck Nursing Home