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Roebuck Nursing Home - Useful Information

  • We provide a Care Home with nursing care on site and doctors always on call
  • Nursing care - Medical care from qualified nurses, and treatment for residents with illness or injuries
  • Dementia care - Specialist care designed to meet the challenges faced by people living with dementia
  • This home accommodates 63 residents. It was purpose built and has a garden, lifts, car park and anytime visiting


  • Reception, Accounts and Administration staff keep normal office hours except for public holidays
  • Medical staff are available 24/7 and can be contacted by Resident's family and carers at any time
  • If you would like a show round or would like to discuss the care we can provide, please book an appointment with us to ensure we have someone available with the time and training required to provide suitable advice


Visitor Booking System Visitor notice

Currently only Window Visits are allowed – This is due to local restrictions.

This temporary visitor booking system has become necessary due to the current restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 emergency.

Our visitor booking system is subject to change as regulations and availability varies.

Only Nominated Visitors can make bookings.  When you book you must wait for a confirmation message before you can attend. Only one visit per week is accepted.

You can call to book if you are unable to use the online booking system but only the same time slots shown on the booking system are available by phone.

Please see your Nominated Visitor Letter for more details.

Facebook Video links may be available on some mornings.  

If you have  a Facebook account and a smartphone and want to see if we can set up a Facebook Video link to us then please visit our Residents Facebook at:


Just “Like” us and message us and we will see what we can do..

A word from our manager,

Lisa-Marie Donovan Featured

"Throughout my 18 years in the Care sector I have visited and worked in a variety of homes and in hospital settings. Many were merely just organisational in their approach and in my view lacked that ever so important homely feel.

With a vision of wanting to be best and not the biggest, my mission here at Roebuck Nursing Home is to promote, provide and instill confidence in our Residents so they feel they belong here with us and are part of our family. We equally extend our welcoming atmosphere to families and visitors.

It is extremely important to me that individuals needs are met and further recognised as unique which is why I have embedded the same in my team. Our Roebuck staff are chosen for their hearts as well as their skills to deliver the best care, discreetly and in a dignified manner. It's a proud moment for us when as a team we are able to make a difference in people's lives."

We provide

Superb facilities Service

Medical Care

24-hour nursing care from our highly qualified caring team of committed professionals

Fine Rooms

Each of the 63 Residents rooms has an en-suite fitted to luxury hotel standards

Meal Preparation

Good food matters to us, so our menu, kitchen and its staff echo this.
Rated 5 stars in food hygiene

Car Park

Our large car park is shared with the adjacent Hotel so you can be sure of a space when visiting


Large private garden with flowers, and patios with seating make for a nice place to be and see

Modern Building

Our purpose built modern design building provides all the facilities we need on site to provide excellent care

TV and WiFi

Residents Rooms and Lounges are fitted with large flat screen TVs with numerous channels and free WiFi


On-site hairdressing salon or indulge in one of the beauty treatments available

Featured News

News and Features - Staff Updates

Cheryl – What do you love about working
 in the care sector?

I just love coming into work and trying to make a difference in other people’s lives. The people are here because they can’t look after themselves anymore. The fact that we are coming in to look after them, or just help them with their day to day lives, is just rewarding. I think it’s easy to take things for granted like getting up in the morning and being able to go to the bathroom and have a shower, or make your own breakfast. It’s these simple things that make you independent and we don’t realise one day that could be taken away from us. Coming into work and helping the residents with those things makes me feel like I’m doing something worthwhile.
For the full interview, visit https://www.hcpa.info/case_studies/cheryl/

Kym – What would you say to someone who has hesitations about coming into care?

You get a lot of support from the staff. I help anyone who is interested in care for the right reasons, even if they are hesitant. My own daughter works in community care and never in a million years did I think she would do care. It’s absolutely brilliant. You have to just give it a go and you build confidence as you go. It can be upsetting at times but every day is highly rewarding. We have an open-door policy so you always get the support from leadership you need.

For the full interview visit https://www.hcpa.info/case_studies/kym/

Courtney – What training have you
 received in your role?

There is a lot of initial training and update training in areas such as ‘Moving and Assisting’, ‘Safeguarding’ and much more. I completed the ‘Dementia Champion Pathway’ at HCPA, which was intense but I learned so much and thoroughly enjoyed it. Lisa, the manager, asked if I would like to do this course, we looked through it together, what it would involve and I agreed. She supported me the whole way through it and is now supporting me with what I am implementing in the home as a result of competing this course. For example, we have created an indoor garden for residents that are unable to go outside and we are making changes for each resident here depending on their individual needs. There’s a lot of other internal training such as ‘PEG feeding’ and ‘Nutrition training’ too.
For the full interview visit https://www.hcpa.info/case_studies/courtney/

A gallery showing our staff, Residents and recent events


Reviews from some of our Residents, their families and friends Testimonial


Can we help you?

If you would like us to call you back to discuss how we may be able to help you or a loved one, please fill in this form and click Send. We will contact you during office hours so if you would prefer a call on a mobile phone, please include that number​

Alternatively please call 01438 740 234 during normal office hours and choose Option 0 to speak to Reception.

You may also email reception@roebucknursinghome.co.uk with details of your enquiry

Roebuck Nursing Home
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Herts SG2 8DS

Web: https://roebucknursinghome.co.uk
Email: reception@roebucknursinghome .co.uk
Phone: 01438 740 234
Fax: 01438 894 996

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